Our prequal tool is available in the Partner Portal by the Address Prequalification link as shown here:


The prequal tool should be used prior to selling a new customer or adding new locations and numbers.

Entering the Customer’s Information in the Prequal Tool

  • Service address for where the customer will be using their Intermedia Unite services
  • The area code and prefix (NPA-NXX) of the customer’s main phone number at that address
  • The quantity of new phone numbers initially needed for that address


Understanding the Prequal Results

The service address is used to confirm the following:

  • Appropriate billing and taxation can be provided
  • It is a postal valid address and shipments can be made there
  • Appropriate emergency 911 services can be provided

The NPA-NXX is used to check the following:

  • Whether numbers from that specific NPA-NXX can be ported
  • There is a relevant rate center for that specific NPA-NXX

    Note: Rate centers have been defined in the US and Canada by each state public utility commission. They determine which towns are service by which rate center.  In many cases, a rate center may cover multiple towns.  For instance, Redmond, WA is not a rate center and is served by neighboring town Kirkland, WA.
  • Whether new phone numbers in that same rate center or in another rate center nearby (in the same state) can be obtained.
  • Relevant rate centers are within the coverage area

The Estimated Quantity is used to identify:

  • For rate centers new DIDs can be obtained from, whether we have enough already available in inventory at that exact moment, or if more have to be ordered.

Important: If the customer is porting numbers in multiple NPA-NXXs, each NPA-NXX should be checked. The additional NPA-NXXs may be in different rate centers with different results.

What to do if Numbers Will Need to be Specially Ordered

Where all other prequal checks pass, but the results indicate that local numbers will need to be specially ordered such as in the screenshot below, you can proceed with setting up the customer's new account.


If additional inventory is needed and your prequal confirmed we have coverage, please contact your sales/support team and follow this process.

Important: Prequal ID, that is required for inventory request, can be found at the bottom of Prequal tool results, as shown here:


Note: for full details on managing numbers please see this article.

Checking for Number Availability in Neighboring Towns

If numbers are not available or orderable from the specified rate center or nearby, you may wish to revise your prequal check to use an NPA-NXX for NEW inventory purposes only from towns farther away.

  • Please make sure the end user understands and agrees to this before proceeding.
  • Depending on where the customer’s callers are calling from, and the service plans and providers for each of their callers, these may not be considered local calls. We cannot advise on other provider’s service plans.
  • Make sure to also use the customers real service address when trying alternate NPA-NXXs as our prequal tool also checks to make sure numbers are in the same state as the address.

Example: For instance, as shown below, the customer is located in Hesper, Iowa. A business in Hesper may have a 563-735 phone number, which is served out of neighboring Burr Oak rate center.  

Our prequal tool shows that we cannot port 563-735-XXXX or get new numbers that are considered local:


However, by searching for larger towns close to Hesper, customer could get new numbers from us from Decorah, IA, such as  563-387 phone number and we have enough phone numbers currently available for the order.