Through its carriers Intermedia can obtain new numbers in areas covering 95% of the populations of the USA and 85% of the Canadian population. 

Note: To check whether it is possible to obtain numbers that are considered local to the specified phone number - please use our Prequal Tool in the Partner Portal.

We regularly keep in available inventory thousands of phone numbers for customers to immediately purchase and assign through our CONTROL PANEL for Intermedia Unite services.

Note: To check for already available inventory, please follow the procedures in this article.

If there is not enough phone numbers available local to the address, phone number or zip/postal code that you specified AND your prequal result showed one of the following results regarding ordering new numbers:

  • New numbers are available now
  • Local numbers will need to be specially ordered

Then gather this information from your prequal and provide it to your sales or support team over e-mail.

Recommended letter format

Subject: Order Additional Local #s for <account name and ID>

Body: I have confirmed through your prequal tool that you have or can order inventory local to the following.  I have also confirmed there is currently not enough available to assign through the end user control panel.  Please order the following:

  • Reference prequal ID number
  • Account ID
  • Account name
  • Quantity of local TNs needed for this order
  • Rate center (city), State/Province, Country for this order
  • Example local NPA-NXX (area code and prefix) for this order
  • Your contact information

Important: Please note that we cannot guarantee a specific rate center, NPA-NXX or NPA.  We will order and make available whatever NPA and numbers our carrier assigns to us. 

You will be notified when numbers are available by the sales/support person whom is managing your order.  Please then login to the end user control panel and assign the numbers promptly.  Available inventory is changing constantly and we frequently replenish the most common rate centers without special orders being needed.