Please follow the next steps to enable Manager (Supervisor) functionality in the Call Center.

Managers (Supervisors) will be able to see active calls, agent's statuses and will have the ability to monitor/whisper/barge agent's calls. Special Call Center tab will be available for them in the Unite/Elevate Desktop Application.

  1. Login to the Control panel.
  2. Go to Services > Voice services > Groups > click on Hunt Group which should become a Call Center.

    Note: Only Hunt Groups registered for the Beta-program can be upgraded. If you want to add a new group to the Beta-program, please send an email to to get it onboarded.
  3. On General tab of the Hunt Group click on the link Upgrade to Call Center.

    Click Upgrade on the next step.

    Note: After an upgrade, Hunt Group becomes Call Center Group and Hunt Group users become Call Center users. Phone number agents and resources will be removed.
  4. You will be redirected to Managers tab. Please add users who will supervise the agent's calls and statuses.

    Note: A person can be an agent and a manager at the same time.
  5. Download the Unite/Elevate Desktop Application provided to you and install it for users with the Manager's (Supervisor's) role.