Partner Number Port Status Report provides the current status of active and completed port orders of ALL subaccounts for all product lines and is accessible through Partner Portal, without the need to log in to each account separately.

This article contains the following details of Partner Number Port Status Report:


The report shows the most recent status information for each phone number and order in our systems. The porting team checks orders regularly and publish updates as they become available.  

Partner Number Port Status Report is created to ease the maintenance of the following tasks:

  • Pull this report regularly
  • Assign all Intermedia Unite local porting numbers once FOC (Firm Order Confirmation) is received (and toll-free once the orders have been accepted)
  • Check and respond by email for the relevant case directly to the porting team with new information or instructions rather than go through PCD, Sales or Support

Access report

There are two ways to access this report through the Partner Portal:

  • by selecting Reports > Business Intelligence Reports > Partner Number Porting Report
  • by selecting Voice Services Tools > Configuring a new Intermedia Intermedia Unite account > Step 2: Order New Numbers & Transfer Existing Phone Numbers > Porting Report

Run report

There are the following options to narrow down search results:


  • Account ID: enter the account ID if searching for ONLY the orders associated with a particular account
  • Status: select a status from the dropdown to view only port orders matching that specific status 
    • Canceled
    • Completed
    • In Progress
    • Scheduled
    • Waiting for You

Click on View Report to run the report.

Once the report has run, the following options become available:


  • Report page navigation (i.e. to a particular page)
  • Refresh report
  • Zoom on the page
  • Export the report in different formats (word, excel, PDF, .csv, etc.)
  • Print the report
  • Find a specific value in the report (i.e. – searching for a specific phone number)

Report fields

  • Phone number: the phone number to be ported
  • Original submission date to Carrier: this will generally be blank for Toll-free orders, and often for local numbers, EVEN THOUGH the port orders may be fully in progress and submitted to the national toll-free clearinghouse and/or our carriers.  We may reflect a later status such as pending carrier response without showing a submitted date, where an order has advanced rapidly.  Always check the status fields.
  • FP Case Number:  porting Footprint case in Order Provisioning workspace.
  • Request ID: request ID in our internal Number Porting Management system that generally corresponds to the above FP Case number. 
    • This Request ID is shown in the end-user porting status viewer for Advisor and PLR accounts so may alternately be used for reference
    • The request is the shell that contains one or more orders. The customer submitted all numbers within this request as being on the same current account.  We may then have to split out the numbers into subset individual orders.
  • Current Estimated Porting Date (EPD): this is the date we have requested to port from the current service provider. EPD is tentative, and is based on dates available from the current service provider, timeframe requested on a port order, and the nature and complexity of the current services and port order
  • Confirmed Porting Date: also referred to as FOC, Firm Order Confirmation – once the losing carrier agrees to our port order, this is the date they have confirmed for the port. Generally only applicable to local porting orders
  • Confirmed Porting Time, PST: where an order has FOC we will trigger and port the numbers at that time. Allow up to 1 hour for completion notice to be sent from FP and for the order to be marked as completed in porting report.
    • All orders port at 10 AM Pacific as standard
    • Some exceptions may be made in advance with the porting team for large (>100 number) SIP orders
  • Priority: all port orders are Standard priority.
    • For qualifying conditions, terms, fees and processes for local expedites, check Porting FAQ
    • Expedites are not available for toll-free orders
  • Status: current status of the port order
    • Waiting for you: the customer/partner needs to provide additional information and/or paperwork before the order can progress
    • In progress: we have what we need from customer/partner at the moment and we are progressing the order through internal and external steps with the carriers
    • Scheduled: all necessary actions have completed and the order is awaiting port completion
    • Confirmed: there is a confirmed port date for the number
    • Completed: the port order has been completed successfully
    • Cancelled: the order has been canceled and we have not ported the numbers
  • Detailed Status: this provides a more granular view of the status. The potential values for each Status are as follows:
    • Waiting for You 
      • Waiting for LOA: Signed LOA is required and we are awaiting response
      • Additional Info required: Order cannot be processed without additional information from the partner/customer, requested via Footprints case email
      • Rejected: Port order has been rejected by the carrier. We cannot proceed without additional information from the partner/customer, requested via Footprints case email
    • In Progress
      • Received LOA: Signed LOA has been received, and port order is ready to be reviewed by porting team
      • Reviewed: Port request has been reviewed and is ready to be submitted to our carrier
      • Submitted: Port order has been submitted to the carrier and we are awaiting a response from the carrier
      • Pending carrier response: The order has been submitted to the carrier and we are awaiting their response
      • Additional information provided: Additional information has been provided to Carrier to address reject or jeopardy. Waiting on carrier response.
      • Tentative order acceptance: Port order has received a confirmed port date, but is being coordinated with another port order that is still pending
      • Accepted: Request has been accepted by the losing carrier and will be processed (Toll-free only)
    • Scheduled
      • Firm order confirmation: There is a confirmed port date for the port order (Local only)
    • Completed
      • Completed: The port order has been completed successfully
    • Cancelled Status:
      • Cancelled: The order has been canceled and we have not ported the numbers Closed as Incomplete – Information needed to complete the port was not provided and the order has been canceled
      • Closed as Incomplete: Information needed to complete the port was not provided by partner/customer, and the order has been canceled 
  • Account username: as the account user name appears in our systems
  • Account Company Name: as the account company name appears in our systems
    Note: that there may be a different company name on the customer’s LOA and port order, reflecting what is on file with their current provider
  • Account ID: as referenced in our systems
  • Location: typically used for SIP orders only, to differentiate between port orders for multiple locations
  • Coordinator (PC or SIS): typically used for certain SIP orders only, may be an internal or customer/partner reference to whom is managing the order with end-user
  • Order Creation Date: this is the date the order was started in our internal Number Porting Management Tool (NPMT). Where the order started with an online LOA being submitted, this is the date we received the initial online LOA
  • Customer Requested Date (CRD): generally blank
    • Not relevant to toll-free orders
    • For local orders, customers are generally given a choice of 1-2 weeks or 2-4 weeks rather than a specific date
  • Order Approved Date (Toll-Free numbers only): this indicates the date the losing carrier has accepted our toll-free port order
    • Numbers have not ported yet as of this date
    • Once the losing carrier has accepted our order, we still have to configure the numbers with our carrier partners and prep our network before we can port
  • Reject reason: generally blank unless there has been a reject on the order
    • This is a short indicator of why the losing carrier rejected the order
    • This reject reason may continue to show in the report after customer/partner has provided information to address the reject, and we have the order back in progress as reflected in status fields

Use of the Report

The report contains customer confidential information and Intermedia proprietary information. It should not be shared with contacts who are not authorized or with Intermedia’s competitors, or other carriers. It should NOT be used to contact Intermedia’s carriers and attempt to check or in any way change a port order.

The report provides a snapshot of current information only. Requests, number list changes, date change rejects, and other information associated with each port order can significantly affect the success and duration of a port order. That information is not reflected in this report.

The report will not reflect any updates or replies sent through Footprints; it reflects only the current status of the port, manually managed by the porting team.