Call Center Reports feature shows metrics and statistics of various Call Center aspects and agents.

Unlike Real-Time Dashboard, which displays data in a more representative way and is more intended to be used by various call center personell, Call Center Reports contain more specific and detailed manager-specific information.

Note: the information below is provided for the Call Center Reports. Reports for Hunt Group could be accessed via the link provided to you.

Call Center Reports consist of two sections: Active Report and Historical report.

Active Report

The Active Report section contains current day info on all the call center agents. It includes the following info:

  • Total active calls
  • Calls in queue
  • Agents logged in
  • Agents with customers

Moreover, there are Call Durations diagrams that show the duration of calls in total, by queue time and by talk time.

Note: Active Reports for single agents are in the Call Center Reports feature roadmap, and are scheduled to be presented in the nearest future.

Active Report is also showing the status of the call center agents in the Agent Status section.

Historical Report

The Historical Report section contains info on the call center performance over an extended period of time. It consists of the following parts:

    • Total Calls

    • Call Durations

    • Call Statistics

    • Queue Time

    • Talk Time

    • Call Duration

Historical reports are currently available for the following ranges: Last 3 Days, Last Week, Last 2 weeks and Last Month.

Historical all

Historical Reports for single agents are also available.

Historical single

The Historical Reports for a single agent have the following sections:

    • Talk time

Historical all

    • Calls

Historical all

    • Total Time logged in

Historical all

Points To Consider

  • It is not recommended to use the Find Me Follow Me feature with the phones that are parts of a Call Center hunt group.
  • If an agent is deleted from a Call Center hunt group, this change will not sync with the Reports, one would want to contact support at so that the engineers would remove the agent.
  • If a new agent is added to the group, they will only appear on the list of agents as they log in as a hunt group agent. In the upcoming Call Center Reports updates adding and removing of agents will be done automatically.
  • One may notice that there are icons to schedule, print and export a report in place, however, they are not active and show a Coming Soon tooltip once hovered over. These features are in the Call Center Reports roadmap, and should become available in the nearest future.

  • Total Calls in the Call Center Reports may show a different number than there are total calls in CONTROL PANEL. This is due to the fact that, unlike CONTROL PANEL, Call Center Reports do not count blind or attended transfers and parked/unparked calls as two separate calls. At the same time, Call Center Reports count the calls that were routed externally (by timeout or a button press) which is not the case with CONTROL PANEL.
  • Unlike CONTROL PANEL, Call Center Reports do not include the current day in the Last month, Last week and Last 3 days ranges.
  • Immediately connected calls are not taken into account when presenting the Average Queue Time.