This article describes Co-Branded model — a part of the Intermedia Reseller program which allows selling Unite products under the Unite/Intermedia brand. The selling procedure is the same as under the PLR model, however, the products (Unite, AnyMeeting, and SecuriSync) will have Intermedia branding.

Main features of the Co-Branded model

  • Co-Branded model is a part of the Reseller program. You can sell both Unite and Elevate (Unite through the Co-Branded Model and Elevate through the PLR model) for individual subaccounts.
  • Both Co-Branded and White Label subaccounts will be available on a single Active Accounts page.
    Active accounts
  • Pricing, packaging and promotions setup will be exactly the same as for the Private Label program.
  • The model is available for Unite products only, standalone SecuriSync, standalone Anymeeting, and CloudServer accounts are currently not part of the Co-Branded model. Hosted Email Encryption, Email Archiving, Email Protection and Office Apps are available as add-ons to Unite Co-Branded.
  • Each individual subaccount can have either Unite/SecuriSync/AnyMeeting or Elevate/ShareSync/OnlineMeeting branding. Mixed setups are not supported.
  • End-customers with the Co-Branded model will see Intermedia-branded products in the Control Panel and use Unite, SecuriSync and AnyMeeting applications - desktop, mobile, web (instead of Elevate, ShareSync, and OnlineMeeting). All notifications will have the Intermedia branding.

Differences between the Advisor, PLR, and Co-Branding models

  PLR Co-Branded Advisor
Go-to-market brand Your brand Co-Branded Intermedia brand
Services brand

White label

Intermedia is obscured from all customer-facing interfaces and documents

Intermedia Unite™

The Intermedia Unite brand is used

Intermedia Unite™

The Intermedia Unite brand is used

Account management Yes Yes No (the account owner can give permission)
Frontline support Reseller Reseller Intermedia
Billing Reseller Reseller Intermedia
Direct contact with Intermedia No No Yes

How to start selling Unite under the Co-Branded model

Open Voice Services Tools page -> Unite Co-Branded tab. Here you will find the information about —Āertification needed to start selling Unite through Co-Branded.



  • Log in to the Intermedia University
  • Select and complete Unite Sales Certification for Private Label and Unite Sales Certification for Co-Branded
  • Return to Voice Services Tools page
  • You'll be able to start selling Intermedia Unite
  • It may take up to one full business day to see Intermedia Unite on your account after you become certified. Please contact if you have any questions.
  • After the certification is passed you can open Unite Co-Branded tab and start to create Unite Co-Branded account or quote.
    Note: Unite Co-Branded Quote Tool works in a similar manner to White Label Quote Tool. You can find more information about the Quote Tool in the following KB article: Intermedia Unite Quote Tool.


Q: Is Co-Branded a new program along with Advisor and Reseller?
A: No, Co-Branded is a part of the Reseller program.

Q: How can I start to sell Unite through the Co-Branded?
A: You should pass Private Label and Unite Co-Branded certification to participate in the program.

Q: Which products could be sold through the Co-Branded model?
A: Only Unite (Intermedia Unite + AnyMeeting + SecuriSync).

Q: Will Advisors be able to sell through Co-Branded?
A: No, it's only for Resellers.

Q: Will prices for Unite Co-Branded differ from Elevate?
A: No, all prices for Elevate and Unite Co-Branded will be the same.

Q: Will customers with the Unite Co-Branded accounts communicate with Intermedia?
A: Resellers will support their customers by themselves. Intermedia will provide further support to Resellers.

Q: How can I check is it a Co-Branded account or an Elevate account?
A: Check the account plan, Co-Branded subaccounts have a specific plan name (Unite Co-Branded or Unite Pro Co-Branded).