This article describes how to set up the integration between the Partner Dashboard and PSA system services. The integration allows receiving alerts about rising issues as Autotask/ConnectWise tickets.

Set up Autotask

In order to set this integration up you will need to do the following:

  1. Navigate to Autotask menu > Admin > Features & Settings > Application-wide (Shared) Features > Incoming Email Processing.
  2. Click New.
  3. Follow the installation wizard instructions. Check this article to find more information and instructions.

Set up ConnectWise

Important: this integration is available if you have the Email Connector add-on for ConnectWise Manage®.

If you have the Email Connector add-on, follow the instructions from this documentation in order to prepare it for integration.

Set up the QoS dashboard

Once the mailbox for ConnectWise/Autotask is created, the Partner Dashboard needs to be configured. Emails will be converted into tickets in your PSA system according to your ticket configuration.

To set up the notifications:

  1. Navigate to the Partner Portal > Voice Services Tools > Monitor Your Intermedia Unite accounts > Open Partner Dashboard.
  2. Select Manage Notifications.
  3. Add the ConnectWise/Autotask email as a contact in Select who to notify section.
  4. Hit Save button.