The following article provides answers to common questions regarding the Intermedia Auto Attendant beta test. 

Q: I’d like to provide feedback on the new AA, how do I do this?
A: Please send it to us at

Q: How long will the beta test last?
A: 3 weeks starting March 25th and ending April 12th.  All Unite NFR and Demo accounts will be brought into the beta test in several groups during this time.

Q: Are there instructions or self-help information for the new AA?
A: Yes, we have a Knowledge Base article located at
We also have a new instructional video on how to manage the new Auto Attendant which can be viewed here.

Note: Both the article and video is hidden from general view and only accessible via the direct link until the new Auto Attendant is released.

Q: How do I get Technical Support during the beta test?
A: Contact our Support through your normal processes.  Specific members of Support are receiving early training and will be available to answer your questions.

Q: I need to opt my NFR or Demo account out of the beta test, how do I do this?
A: Please email as soon as possible so we can exclude your account.  We encourage you to keep your account in the beta as GA will be coming soon.

Q: I don’t see a feature in the AA that I wanted?
A: This is the first of many AA releases.  Our next release after the initial GA will include the much-anticipated Holiday Menus feature.