This article explains the difference between a quote and first invoice pricing.

New customers receive a Confidential Service Proposal - the quote with the pricing, special offers, and a detailed list of Voice Services.


The amount shown for Voice Services in the quote may not match the amount shown in the first bill. On each page of your quote, you will see some of the following notes:

  • Shipping charges may be estimates only and are subject to change. Actual shipping charges will be calculated at the time the order is placed.
  • Taxes and fees are based on service address and can differ by address.
  • The quote cannot provide the amount of pro-rated charges that will be included in the first bill because those are dependent on the date(s) you purchase Intermedia Unite licenses and based on the actual quantity purchased.
  • The items quoted may be different from the items actually ordered.

Difference between the first and next invoices

1. The first bill will be higher than quoted because it will include:

  • One-time charges:
    • one-time shipping fees
    • one-time number porting fees
    • one-time equipment charges
  • Pro-rated charges for the partial first month of service
  • Full charges for the next month

On page 11 of your quote, you will notice a brief description:


2. The second bill will only include charges for 1 full month of service unless new services were added during that billing period or other one-time charges were incurred.

Below you can find an example of pro-rated charges appear on the Explanation of charges file when the Resource Line service was added during the billing period.


Important: Voice Services customers are paying the month ahead. Charges will be applied to the account on the Billing Day of the Month (it cannot be changed) which is the date when the account is created or when the Voice Services module was activated.


  • All Intermedia Unite licenses are billed 7 days after they are added to the account. You have 7 days to assign a license and a device(s) to a user in order to start using Intermedia Unite.
  • Contact Center billing does not begin until the onboarding is complete, regardless of when Contact Center licenses are added.
  • Contact Center Pro and Elite licenses include an activation fee.