This Article is an overview of the different level views concerning Time Zones for Unite/Elevate accounts.

Account Level View

User Level View

Device Level View


  1. There are three potential levels. The Account level, the User level, and the Device level.
  2. Priority is given to the lowest level set. This means the device time zone setting would override the User setting, which would override the Account setting.
  3. Updating the User level after setting the Device level, does not push an update to the Device setting. Device time zone is independent. The user can have Devices in two different locations and we don’t want to change the time zone of each user's device if the time zone was changed on User’s Level.
  4. There is logic when objects like users, Hunt Groups and Auto Attendants inherit account time zone. By default, if the time zone is changed in Account Level time zone is changed for all Users, Hunt Groups and Auto Attendants in Account. This inheritance is handled by parameter ‘Update Time zone of users’ accounts’. It is enabled by default.

How to access each level:

Account Level View (Services>Voice Services>Settings>General tab):

User Level View (Services>Voice Services>General tab>Manage Users>Select user>General tab):

Device Level View (Services>Voice Services>Device tab>Select device>General tab):