This article describes how to configure multiple weekly schedule destinations in an Intermedia Unite AutoAttendant.

The current version of Intermedia Unite only allows for two menu options to be active at a time. At this time, only two menus are available, a "Business hours" and "After hours" menu can be configured to be active.

For more information about setting up AutoAttendant activity periods, please refer to this article.


  1. First, create a Hunt Group which will serve as the “Lunch Menu”
    1. Log in to HostPilot/EUCP and Navigate to Services > Voice Services > Groups
    2. Click “+Create Group”
    3. Name the hunt group something identifiable, like “Lunch Menu”, assign an extension and assign a new phone number to it (assigning a phone number is important, explained later).
    4. Configure the desired call flow including Menu greetings, voicemail settings, call recording etc as normal. 
    5. Click “Save changes” to create the “Lunch Menu” hunt group
  2. Create a Receptionist group on the AutoAttendant with a schedule defined for it.
    1. Navigate to Services > Voice Services > Auto Attendant
    2. Click “+Add receptionist group”
    3. Under step 1 (General) define the Group name and Display name as something identifiable, like “Lunch Menu Scheduling”, set the ring time to the default 30 seconds.
    4. Under “Schedule type” click the radial button next to “Custom” and then under the “Setup” field configure the times at which you want the “Lunch Menu” routing to be in effect.
    5. Click Next
    6. Under step 2 (Receptionist) configure the phone number for the Hunt Group you set up in step 1.3. above.
    7. Click “+Add phone number” and enter the 10 digit phone number for the Hunt Group called “Lunch Menu”. (This is the reason we have to assign a phone number to the hunt group – you can only pick Users or Phone numbers as members of a Receptionist group – you can’t pick a hunt group directly). Click “Add number”.
    8. Click “Create receptionist group”


After setting this up, the customer’s AutoAttendant will honor the “Business hours” menu and their “After hours” menu schedules, but when the Receptionist group is active, the calls will instead route to the customer’s “Lunch Menu” hunt group for the defined time period, then the call routing will ‘revert’ back automatically. This setup allows for a great deal of flexibility to route calls dynamically throughout the day, while keeping "Business hours" and "After hours" call routing intact.

For more information on receptionist groups, refer to this article.