Once you've created an account for your customer, you can install Intermedia Unite whenever you're ready to start configuring Voice Services.

Installing Intermedia Unite on an account

If you are managing your customers account, you can simply log on to Partner Portal and access your Active Accounts to log directly into the account.

If you have given account management abilities to your customer, the Account Owner will also have the ability to install Intermedia Unite themselves.

Once logged in to the customer account, you will be presented with the Install Intermedia Unite prompt on the Home page.

Click Install to continue.

There are only a few configurations to start the installation:

  • Set the standard Extension Number length (Note: this cannot be modified from Control Panel once the services has been installed).
  • Set the timezone of of the customers main company location (this can be changed after installation).
  • Specify the customer's main company address.

Once all information is entered, click the Install Unite button.

The installation process can take from 2-10 minutes; please be patient and avoid clicking the Back or Forward buttons on your browser.  Once Intermedia Unite has been installed, you will be immediately redirected to the Voice Services general tab and can start configuring Users, services, and devices!

If you need some direction on where to go from here, please view our Knowledgebase article: Getting Started with Intermedia Unite