The Intermedia Unite quote to order tool is a robust, step by step, process developed from the ground up to provide ease of access and enhance the usability and speed of entering quotes, as well as offer a quick solution for creating a new account from a quote.

Before starting a quote, you must be logged into Partner Portal to access to Quote tool, and must create an initial quote draf by assigning a name.

There are 5 steps in creating your quote:

Accessing the Quote to Order Tool

The Quote to Order tool may be accessed from within Partner Portal. Simply:

  1. Log into Partner Portal at
  2. Click on the ‘Voice Services Tools’ tab.
  3. Click on ‘Ordering Service’.
  4. Click ‘Launch Quote Tool’

You will be directed to your list of quotes.



Creating a Intermedia Unite Voice Quote

To create a new Intermedia Unite quote, click the ‘Add new quote’ button at the top left of the Quote to Order tool.

You will then be taken to the first step in the quoting process.


Name your Quote

As a first step, please enter a name to identify this new quote, then click ‘Create quote’.


Saving your quote

Once you’ve created the initial quote, you will be directed to the main quote tool on the first tab ‘Voice Locations’.  From start to finish, on any tab, you are able to save the progress of your quote by clicking the ‘Save draft’ button at the bottom of the page.

Please note: Progress is temporarily saved automatically when you click the ‘Next’ button and proceed to the next area; if you click the ‘Back’ button, you can still see the information you entered. However, if you exit the quote tool by navigating to a different page in your Partner portal, without clicking ‘Save Draft’, your progress in that session will be lost.  Please ensure you are saving your quote with the ‘Save draft’ button, whenever you add or adjust information.  



1. Voice locations


Adding the customer’s main address

Upon beginning a new quote, you will be automatically placed on the ‘Voice Locations’ tab in the quote.


Add the customer’s company address information; Address, City, State, and ZIP. The Customer main address will serve as the main ‘Location’ and will be used for calculating taxes and hardware shipping options.


Creating Additional Locations within the Quote

If your customer’s business has multiple locations, each with users that will require hardware, you can create additional locations by clicking ‘Add location’

Fill out the additional location’s address information.  When complete, you can either Add another location, Save the draft, or click ‘Next’ to continue to the next section of the quote process.



2. Voice services


Adding Users

The next tab, ‘Voice services’, is where you will add both users and services to the quote.  If the customer has multiple locations, you will enter the quantity of users and services individually to the locations.

  • You must add at least 1 user to a location to be able to add voice services or hardware to that location.
  • Adding users to any locations will allow you to modify the ‘Customer price’, without making global changes to your default customer pricing.


Adding services

Once you’ve added users to the location(s), you will see the services list populate below. 

Clicking ‘+ Add’ next to a service will expand the row, showing all offer types available for that service, and allowing you to further customize the quote.

  • Adjust the quantity of the service, per location.
  • ‘Wholesale price’ and your default ‘Customer price’ are displayed; you can modify the customer price here, as needed, without making global changes to your default customer pricing.

Once you’re done, Save the draft or click ‘Next’ to continue to the next section of the quote process.



3. Voice Equipment


Adding Hardware

On the ‘Voice equipment’ tab, you can select the amount of devices the customer requires, per location. 

  • ‘Upfront payment’ will add the full cost of the device to the quote.
  • ‘Coupon price’ is the discount option for new hardware; the account is awarded one coupon per user added to the account.
  • Again, the ‘Wholesale price’ and your default ‘Customer price’ are displayed; you can modify the customer price here, as needed, without making global changes to your default customer pricing.

Under the ‘Ship to’ options, you can change the shipping addresses of both locations, individually, opting to ship all hardware to one of the locations already added to the quote, your partner company address, or a new address that will not be linked to a location.

You also have the ability to change the shipping method between Standard and Expedited. 

If you make any changes to the hardware quantities, you can press the ‘Recalculate’ button to adjust the shipping costs automatically.

Once you’re done adding hardware, Save the draft or click ‘Next’ to continue to the next section of the quote process.



4. Your professional services


Adding Services or Equipment charges

There may be services or equipment that you, the partner, would be including additionally with voice services; this may be network equipment, installation fees, or any other flat costs that is included in your sale.

You can add a new line item by clicking ‘Add new service’.

You will need to add some information to complete the line items:

  • Provide a name and write a short description for the service or equipment.
  • You can select the charge type as a ‘One time’, or ‘Monthly fee’
  • Add quantities for your services/equipment
  • Adjust a custom unit price

The total amount for both monthly, and one-time costs, will be shown at the bottom right of the page.

Once you’re done adding services or equipment, Save the draft or click ‘Next’ to continue to the next section of the quote process.



5. Contact info & totals


Completing customer information

When you arrive on ‘Contact info & totals’ you will see the company header, followed by the short-form totals, including taxes, below.

  • Enter your customer’s information in the ‘Prepared for’ fields; Name, e-mail address, telephone number.
  • Select the customer’s ‘Industry’ using the drop down, or simply select ‘Other’ and type in the specific industry. (This will not be seen by the customer, in the Control Panel, or on their final quote)


Viewing full quote totals

To see the full list of all users, services, and hardware, click on the ‘see per location’ link, in the totals window.

This will give you a full display of every line item you entered during the quote process.

You can also also click on ‘Preview PDF’ in the top right of the totals window to access a preview of the PDF quote the customer will see. 


Finalizing your quote

Once you have confirmed all information in the quote is correct, you can either save the draft to revisit and open at a later time, or you can click ‘Finalize quote’.

  • You have the option of downloading the quote by clicking the the PDF icon.
  • You can also click the checkbox to automatically send a copy of the quote PDF to your e-mail.

When you’re ready to send the quote, click ‘Finalize quote’

A confirmation will appear over the finalize quote button advising that the quote will be placed in an ‘Open’ status; click confirm to continue.

You will be returned to the quote list where you can see the new quote waiting for further action.