Access Roles

Partner Account Contact Roles

#RoleName of the role, that is displayed in Control PanelDescription
1 AG_PRIVATELABELOWNERS Owner Full rights and receives all Release Notes and technical/billing notifications.
2 AG_PRIVATELABELOPERATORS Operator Ability to create/view/edit accounts.
3 AG_PRIVATELABELBILLINGADMINS Billing Access to billing/reporting functions only and receives billing notifications.
4 AG_PRIVATELABELCUSTOMIZATIONADMINS Customization Ability to customize the Partner Portal.
5 AG_PRIVATELABELSALES Sales Materials Access to Sales Portal that includes Marketing and Sales information, but doesn't include administrative functions unless other roles are assigned.
6 AG_PRIVATELABELPUBLICAPI Public API Provides access to Partner REST API.
7 AG_UNIVERSITY University Access to educational part of Portal: certification, Knowledge Base and sales materials. No access to any other Portal features.
8 AG_PARTNERSALES Sales Access to certification and quotes creation without the possibility to create or access customer accounts.


User Account Contact Roles

#RoleName of the role, that is displayed in Control PanelDescription


Owner Contact is created when the account is set up. This contact always has all roles assigned to it. To delete this contact, ownership must be changed first
2 Account Billing Manager Can manage Billing Information, payment method and details and access Account Balance
3 ContactManager Contact Manager Сan create and manage account contacts (details, passwords, security questions). 
4 SecurityManager Security Manager Can manage security settings (Password Policies, IP-Based Access) and access Event Log.
5 TechnicalAdministrator Technical Administrator Сan manage selected services and associated Control Panel modules (enable / disable services for users and modify corresponding settings).