To transfer your numbers to Intermedia Hosted PBX 2.0 system:

  1. Contact your sales representative, or our Cloud Concierge or customer service team to get the transfer process started. They will work with you to enter an order in our provisioning system specifying how each numbers should be configured at time of port.
  2. Once the order is entered, you will receive an email with a porting case number and a blank LOA (Letter Of Authorization) form. You can reply to that email with the completed LOA and recent bill copy for your telephone number. Blank copies of the forms with instructions are also available here:

  3. Important: Along with the completed LOAs, also provide a copy of your most recent bill that lists the number(s) being transferred. 

    For further information on porting to HPBX 2.0 services, refer to Number Transfer Guide

To transfer your numbers to Intermedia Hosted PBX 1.0 or SIP Trunking system:

  1. Contact your agent, sales person, and/or customer service to start a porting work order, specifying numbers to port and how they should be configured in our system at time of port.  SIP Trunking customers may need to involve a PBX technician/certified installation partner to program the PBX for porting.
  2. Once your porting work order has been entered, reply to the case with a completed LOA (Letter of Authorization) using the forms below:

    You can also send your completed LOA with your provisioning instructions to your support team directly.

  3. Important: Along with the completed LOAs, also provide a copy of your most recent bill that lists the number(s) being transferred.

Note: We require provisioning information upfront for most product lines to ensure we have the correct contact information and numbers are billed and configured correctly for porting.  Please do not submit LOAs without first opening a work order with this information.

• For every transfer request make sure there is a corresponding active Hosted PBX user or end-user account.
• For each carrier you are transferring numbers from you must fill out a separate LOA and provide a bill.
• Submit a separate LOA for toll-free numbers being transferred. You can group multiple toll-free numbers together on the same LOA if they are on the same account. 
• If you have more numbers than will fit on one LOA, enter see attached list of <#> porting numbers and attach a 2nd page with the list of all numbers to port on that order. If you are porting 20 or more numbers, also include an excel file with a list of porting numbers only.
• Many carriers reject transfer requests if there are errors or corrections on the form. Use a clean form if you make a mistake.