Account Billing Plans Service

Available methods:

GET /v1/api/accounts/{customerID}/plans  

The method gets all available billing plans for a specific Partner or an account.

Input Parameters

#ParameterParameter TypeData TypeMandatoryDescription/Valid Values
1 customerID path string Required

Identifies the Partner or the account (identity)

2 skip query integer Optional Pagination: Number of items to skip
3 take query integer Optional Pagination: Number of items to take

Output Parameters

PageV1Model [PlanGetV1Model]

PageV1Model[PlanGetV1Model] { count (integer, optional): Pagination: Number of items retrieved, total (integer, optional): Pagination: Total number of items, items (Array[PlanGetV1Model], optional): An array of items } PlanGetV1Model {prettyName (string, optional): User-friendly billing plan name, isCurrent (boolean, optional): Indicates whether billing plan is the current user account billing plan. Valid only for user account type, name (string): Billing plan name }  

Response Class (Status 200)

Responds with a list of plans available for a specific Partner or account. Use POST method to change the current plan for the account.

Response example

Returns 7 plans for the account, starting from the 26th (25 skipped):

 Response Body example { "count": 7, "total": 156, "items": [ { "prettyName": "PBX and Conf Bridges", "name": "PBX and Conf Bridges" }, { "prettyName": "PBX and Conferences", "name": "PBX and Conferences" }, { "prettyName": "Small Business OCS 10", "name": "SB OCS 10" }, { "prettyName": "Small Business OCS 5", "name": "SB OCS 5" }, { "prettyName": "Small Business OCS 50", "name": "SB OCS 50" }, { "prettyName": "SharePoint", "isCurrent": true, "name": "SharePoint" }, { "prettyName": "10_2010_Ent_ProductSel", "name": "10_2010_Ent_ProductSel" } ] }

Possible error response messages

POST /v1/api/accounts/{accountID}/plans  

The method —Āhanges the billing plan for a specific user account (executed asynchronously).

Input Parameters

#ParameterParameter TypeData Type


Description/Valid ValuesAdditional Information
1 accountID path string Required

Identifies the account to change the plan for

2 plan body



Target account plan*

* Properties of the plan, valid for the specified account.

To get the list of valid plans use GET /v1/api/accounts/{customerID}/plans 

Output Parameters

Inline Model{} 

Response Class (Status 202)

The account plan change request was accepted.

Request example

Target account plan description:

 Request Body example { "name": "SB OCS 50" }


Possible error response messages