These numbers connect to a useful IVR script to help with audio quality, DTMF testing, and a simple conference bridge.  Use this test script when working with phones, WiFi, smartphones, soft clients and trying to figure out why stuff isn't going through and/or sounds awful.

Menu options include:

    1. Record and playback, the most requested feature, use the # key to stop the recording
    2. DTMF testing - Enter a long string of DTMF keys and press # to get a read out
    3. Real time Echo test
    4. Playback Music on Hold
    5. Test conference bridge 
    6. 0-4Khz audio sweep
    7. Caller ID readback
    8. Real time DTMF test (instant readback of key pressed)
    9. Asterisk Milliwatt tone

Use option 0 to leave any comments, complaints or suggestions for additional features!

PSTN numbers:

+1 416 342 9562
(number provided by AcroVoice)   

+1 631 791 TEST(8378)
(number provided by CALLCentric)   

+1 250 412 5922
(number provided by AcroVoice)   

+44 161 353 2462
( number serviced by 3C - UKDDI )
+883 5100 0119 6512

SIP URIs:  (Supporting PCMU, PCMA and now G722!)

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