This article describes the steps of how to set billing/invoicing integration with the ConnectWise system.

About ConnectWise Integration

ConnectWise is a business management and professions services automation (PSA) platform. 

The integration provides:

  • Quick and easy integration within a streamlined interface
  • Mapping end-user accounts between Partner Portal and ConnectWise
  • Ability to export user lists with enabled services
  • Automated daily data exports
  • Ability to send regular end-user communication

ConnectWise Integration Set Up

To start the integration: go to Partner Portal > Integration > ConnectWise > Get started with ConnectWise. The system will start the ConnectWise integration wizard.

Step 1: Credentials

  1. Enter your ConnectWise Site and Company ID - credentials, that are used to log in to ConnectWise.
  2. Enter Public API key and Private API key of the API member.
    To create these keys, open your ConnectWise, navigate to System > Members > API Members,  click an API member or create a new one. Open API keys tab.
  3.  Click Next



  • The private API key is only available at the time the key is created
  • Your API member should have Admin Role ID for successful integration or you can create separate Role ID and add the following roles to it:
    • Company > Company Maintenance: Add, Edit, Inquire
    • Company > Manage Attachments: Add, Inquire, Delete
    • Finance > Agreements: Add, Edit and Inquire
    • System > Table Setup: Add, Edit and Inquire
    • System > API Reports: Inquire

To do that:

  1. Go to System Security > Roles. You will see the list of existing Role IDs. Click the + icon to create new one
  2. Name it:

    Add Role

  3. Select the required roles:

    Select roles

How to create/edit API Members:

  • To create new member, go to System > Members and clicke the + icon
    Add members
  • To edit a member, click their Member ID
  • To create/edit API keys, go to the API Keys tab

Step 2: Settings

  1. Select a radio button next to the appropriate type of export.
  2. Choose data for export:
    • products (SKUs) - each resold SKU will be exported as ConnectWise products. 
      Appropriate ConnectWise agreements additions will be updated according to your customer account usage information. 
    • product quantity - quantities of resold SKUs in appropriate ConnectWise agreements additions will be updated. 
    • product cost - costs of resold products and costs in appropriate ConnectWise agreements additions will be updated. Cost is a price of SKU, which you pay to us.
    • product price (retail) - prices in  ConnectWise agreements additions will be updated.
      Retail price is a price of SKU, which your customer pays to you.  Prices will be taken from the Retail pricing page (Partner Portal > Products&Pricing > Retail pricing)  
    • list of userscsv file with account users and enabled services will be exported in the appropriate ConnectWise agreement
    • allow notifications - notifying selected contacts about export actions (e.g. export failed)
  3. Click Next


Note: if Daily/Monthly auto export is enabled, the system will export data in ConnectWise every day/month automatically.

One product in the Partner Portal corresponds to one product in the ConnectWise Product Catalog. To support different prices and costs, the separate additions are created for each unique combination of Part Number + Price + Cost.

Step 3: Mapping

  1. Map customer accounts to ConnectWise companies and agreements. You can export data in existing ConnectWise companies and agreements or create a new one.

    Several customer accounts can be mapped to the same ConnectWise company and different agreements related to the company. If you map several customer accounts to the same ConnectWise company, you should create different agreements for each of these accounts. Products and its quantities for different accounts are exported as the different additions (under different agreements). For example, if account A has 3 mailboxes and account B has 4 mailboxes and they are mapped to the same company → 1 addition Mailbox, quantity=3 and 1 addition Mailbox, quantity=4 will be created.
    Use Suggestions feature to help you to find relevant ConnectWise companies for each customer account. When you select the button, the system will show you the best match customer account names to ConnectWise company IDs. An icon will appear in any row containing auto-suggested companies.
    Note: several end-user accounts can be mapped to the same ConnectWise company. Accounts can be mapped only to the different agreements.

  2. Select accounts you want to export. Only data of accounts with a checkmark in the Export column will be exported in ConnectWise.
  3. Click Finish.


Note: Suggestions feature does not work with mapped accounts.

Important: do not remap existed company with completed export to another agreement, it may cause export failure and result in data inconsistency.

ConnectWise Integration Management

You can manage ConnectWise Integration by going to: Partner Portal > Integration > ConnectWise > Export status.

  1. The page contains the following information:
    • Next scheduled export information (if Daily/Monthly auto export is enabled).
    • Last export information (if export has ever been done): general export statistics and link to the detailed export log.
  2. You can start export immediately by clicking start export now link.
  3. You can change your account mapping settings.
    To do so, click Account mapping tab.
    Note: be careful with unmapping and remapping. All exported data can be deleted from ConnectWise only by you, not automatically.
  4. You can change your export settings.
    To do so, open Settings tab.

ConnectWise Integration Disabling

You can disable ConnectWise Integration by going to: Partner Portal > Integration > ConnectWise > Settings. Press Disable ConnectWise button in the right corner of the page.


The warning will appear:

Partner Portal will forget your ConnectWise credentails and export settings. To start export again you'd need to enter them up again.
All exported data won't be removed from ConnectWise.

Disable CW

After confirming ConnectWise Integration will be disabled.