Partner Portal provides functionality that allows you to strengthen security:

Security Features

Security Questions

Security questions are important for all account contacts since this is the verification method used on Support calls. 

To set up security questions go to My Partner Account > Portal Access > click Your Account Contact  name.

Change Password Security Q

There is also an option to reset password for your partner account contact.

Change Password General

IP Restrictions Policy

IP restrictions allow you to limit access to Partner Portal from locations outside your trusted environment. For more information read the article on IP restrictions.

Partner Account Contact Password Policies

Custom password policies can be assigned to account contacts. Note that these policies cannot be less strict than the defaults:

  • Min password length: 6
  • Password complexity: Default (letters and numbers are required)
  • Password expires in 365 day(s) after password change
  • Lock contact after unsuccessful login attempts
  • Contact unlock is automatic after 30 minutes