This article describes how you can use Quoting tool in Partner Portal. 

  1. On the home page select Quoting & Pricing:
    Quoting & Pricing
  2. Select the number of mailboxes and licenses you want to create for the Intermedia services listed.
    Note: click on More services to add other services not listed on the first page. You will be able to add custom services later.
    Select services
  3. The Quoting tool will suggest you a plan that meets your requirements.
    Note: in case no plans were suggested, try changing the services or contact Sales team at +1.800.379.7729 option 2 so they can assist you with the plan selection.
  4. Once you have selected plan, you can either Quote customer or Create account:
    Suggested plan       
  • Quote customer: at the Quote Configuration page you can specify information about the customer and quote your own services by clicking on the Add your services link. You can review your final quote and export it to PDF or CSV.
    Quote Configuration
  • Create account.