You can create new accounts on the Partner Advisors Portal > Voice Services > Voice Services Tools page or on the Partner Advisors Portal > Account Management > Resell New Account page:

 Create new voice services account

On the account creation page, you can see your Partner Advisors code and your comission payment conditions. To create an account:

  1. Enter the account name and the account contact information (including the Partner Advisors code and Promo code (if you have any)). If you already have an account an would like to use the same account contact information, check the I already have an account box. Click Next:
    Set up account
  2. Enter company and billing information and click Next:
  3. Review the selected plan and accept Terms and Conditions and click Activate Account:
    Review and checkout
  4. To log in to the account, click Get Started
    Get started
  5. Enter the alternate contact information and set up security questions. Click Save Changes:
    Contact info and security questions

Note: the created account is a shell account. Read the Knowledge Base article on How Do I Install Voice Services On The Account? for more information on installing voice services.