On the My Account > Account Contacts page, you can create new account contacts and manage existing ones. 

Creating new contacts

To create a new account contact:

  1. Click Create Contact:
  2. Choose if you want to Create new contact or Migrate contact from another account

    Create new contact

    Fill in the required information, select roles for the account contact and click Create Contact.

    Create new contact

    Enter the credentials from another account and click Check to verify the infromation. Once the credentials are verified, click Create Contact.

Managing existing contacts

To manage an existing contact, click on the contact name:

Manage existing contact

You can manage the following information:

  • General information: account name, phone, contact details
    Manage existing contact
  • Security questions: you can set up or change security questions which are used for your verification when you're contacting Intermedia or for password reset in case you forget it
    Manage existing contact
  • Roles: you can add/remove roles
    Manage existing contact
  • Notifications: you can manage billing, marketing, compliance, maintenance and outage notification settings
    Manage existing contact


The following roles (levels of access) can be granted to account contacts:

  • Owner: Full rights and receives all Release Notes and technical/billing notifications 
  • Operator: Ability to create/view/edit accounts 
  • Billing: Access to billing/reporting functions only and receives billing notifications
  • Customization: Ability to customize the Partner Portal
  • Sales: Access to Sales Portal that includes Marketing and Sales information, but doesn't include administrative functions unless other roles are assigned

Note: Account administrator cannot manage shared account contacts. Customization is available only for shared contacts themselves. It can be done via any account where it is shared. Refer to our Knowledge Base article Shared Account Contacts for more information.