This article describes all Customization features in Partner Account.


To access Branding section, navigate to My Partner Account > Branding.
On the Company Information page, you can choose how your company will be represented for you in the Partner Portal and for end-users in the Control Panel, as shown in the example below.

Company info

Expand Advanced settings to specify the following information:

Advanced company info

Important: Options with an asterisk like 'Control Panel Website*' will work only if you are participating in our Partner Branding solution. For more information visit

Email addresses for Notifications

To change Email addresses that Notifications are sent from, navigate to My Partner Account > Branding and click Email address customization hyperlink.

Email address customization

On the Email address customization page you can specify the Display name for the sender of the notifications and the Email address. The notification email addresses can be specified for the following groups:

  • ​Billing department (default value - - billing-related notifications for end-users and end-user administrators
  • Technical Support (default value - - notifications for Partner account contacts are sent from this email address
  • Technical Support (default value - - notifications for end-users and end-user administrators

Email address customization

Click Save Changes button to apply changes.

Product Selection

To access Product Selection section, navigate to Products & Pricing > Product Selection.

There are two tabs on the Product Selection page: Products and Plans. On the Products tab, you can choose which products will be available for end-users. There is also a description for each product if you click on 'Learn more'. On the Plans tab, you can choose which Account Plans will be visible for end-users in the sign-up wizard. After making changes click on Save Changes at the bottom of the page.

Retail Pricing

To access Retail Pricing section, navigate to Products & Pricing > Retail Pricing.

On the Retail Pricing Set-up page, you can adjust pricing in each plan for end-user customers. This option will be effective only if you enabled Payment Processing in the Partner Portal. For more information check article Customer Billing Tools. You can also hide the pricing page from the end-user's control panel.

Retail pricing


To enable Verbiage, click pencil image on the top of the page, near Home button.


On the Verbiage page you can change the wording for different elements in the end-user Control Panel and the Partner Portal.

Important: Many elements contain pieces of code (like HTML, JavaScript, etc.) which you may or may not want to use. Therefore, we strongly suggest modifying them with someone familiar with code. We do not support custom modifications, you can only go back to default.