This article describes Customer Billing tools.


Payment Processing.
Payment Processing allows you to charge your customers directly. Please note that the option is applied to all customers.
For payment processing to work properly, you must do the following:

  1. Set end-user pricing in Retail Pricing setup page.
  2. You must contact Intermedia Billing (650-641-4000 option 4, Monday - Friday from 9AM-8PM EST) to enable END-USER BILLING.
  3. Complete the Payment Gateway information (listed below).


You can use AuthorizeNet or PayFlow as the credit card processing system.

After Payment Processing is enabled all the sub accounts will have Billing Information and Balance options in Account section in the control panel.

In Billing Information Section you can specify company address, the billing address and Payment Method (Invoicing or Credit Card).
In Balance section, you can view account balance details.

Payment Transactions

PP In Payment Transaction, you can find details on transactions between you and your customers

Account Balances

In Account Balances section you can find balance information on your customer's accounts.

Account Balance Details

PP  In Account Balance Details section you can filter balance information by Username (subaccount name) Date and Transaction Type.

Disabling Payment Processing

To disable Payment Processing click on Disable Payment Processing and on the next page confirm the disabling process.