Partner Invoices

Partner invoices can be viewed in Partner Portal under My Partner Account > Billing documents. On this page you can review all your past invoices and credit memos.

Invoices are generated on the 1st of the month and cover the billing period of the last month.

Note: for Voice Services it includes charges for accounts that had a BDOM over last month.

The invoices that are available here contain information about the total amount due for the past month and can be used for payment by invoice. For information on how to access a detailed explanation of charges read the Knowledge Base article on Reports Overview.

Reseller’s Explanation of Charges

For each sub-accounts with Voice Services, Intermedia provide partner with Reseller version of explanation of charges, so the partner can easily understand all voice charges associated with a specific subaccount.

Reseller’s explanation of Charges can be accessed from Balance > AL transaction > Transaction Details page.

Explanation of charges

What is included:

  • One-time charges (e.g shipment or number porting fees)
  • Account Activity charges (prorated charges for recurring services enabled or disabled mid-month)
  • Recurring Charges (full month charges for services with recurring charge)
  • Hardware Charges (purchases for hardware)
  • Usage Charges (charges for line or conf bridges usage)
  • Government taxes, surcharges and other fees.

What is not included:

  • This document doesn’t include charges for Exchange and other services even if they are purchased as add-ons to Intermedia Unite product. If the customer has used such services over the month, the partner will be able to see the associated charges on their invoice and will need to separately charge the customer accordingly.