You can reset the administrative password on the following pages:

Change password

  1. Navigate to My Account > Change Password:
    My Account > Change Password
  2. Enter your old password and the new password (twice to confirm) and click Change Password. You can also update your security questions on the same page:
    Change password and update security quesions

Account Contacts

  1. Navigate to My Account > Account Contacts:
    My Account > Account Contacts
  2. Click on the name of the account contact for which you want to reset the password:
    Account contact name
  3. On the General tab, enter new password and click Save Changes. You can also force the account contact to reset password at the next login by checking the corresponding box:
    My Account > Account Contacts
  4. Security questions can be updated on the Security Questions tab:
    Account contact name

Note: Account administrator cannot reset a password for a shared account contact. It is available only for shared contacts themselves. The option is available via any account where it is shared. Refer to our Knowledge Base article Shared Account Contacts for more information.