In order to create a new account contact which would be able to manage the Partner Account and get support after verification, you need to navigate to Partner Portal > My Partner Account > Portal Access > Create Contact. On the next screen you need to specify if you want to create a new contact or to migrate it from another account and then provide required information and the desired role.‚Äč


Note: contacts with the following roles can be added at any time:

  • Owner: Full rights and receives all Release Notes and technical/billing notifications. Only the Owner can delete, undelete and purge accounts.
  • Operator: Ability to create/view/edit accounts.
  • Billing: Access to billing/reporting functions only and receives billing notifications.
  • Customization Admin: Ability to customize the Partner Portal.
  • Sales Materials: Access to Sales Portal that includes Marketing and Sales information, but doesn't include administrative functions unless other roles are assigned.
  • Sales: Access to certification and quotes creation without the possibility to create or access customer accounts.
  • University: Access to educational part of Portal: certification, Knowledge Base and sales materials. No access to any other Portal features.
  • Public API: Provides access to Partner REST API

Account contact roles

You can migrate an existing account contact by choosing the Migrate contact from another account option and specifying the credentials.