ShareSync™ is a cloud service provided by Intermedia that allows you to sync files between multiple computers, ShareSync Web portal and mobile devices, as well as securely share them with your co-workers and external collaborators.

ShareSync Onboarding is a process of uploading a bunch of user data into Intermedia ShareSync server. This article outlines the process of data preparation for ShareSync ingestion via hard drive shipping.

To transfer the data to Intermedia on a hard drive:

  • In the CONTROL PANEL for your account enable ShareSync for users.

To enable ShareSync for an existing user:

      1. Log in to CONTROL PANEL and navigate to Services > ShareSync.
      2. Enable ShareSync service for a user or users and click Proceed.

To create a new ShareSync user:

      1. Log in to CONTROL PANEL and navigate to Users.
      2. Click Create User button.
      3. Enable ShareSync service for new user, fill in all the fields and click Create.
  • Contact Intermedia Onboarding team to open the data ingestion ticket. Engineer will provide you with the hard drive shipping detailed instructions.
    In order for Intermedia to correctly ingest data, folder structure should be organized in the following way:
  • Send drive to Intermedia as instructed.
  • Once Intermedia receive the hard drive, it will be scanned against viruses.
  • Onboarging engineer will ingest folder backups into specified user’s file space.
  • Upon completion of data ingestion, ShareSync administrator can assign access permissions to other ShareSync users.