1.  Find out if your customer is using a Mac or Windows PC.
If the customer has a Mac, click here.
If they're using a Windows PC, proceed to step 2
2.  Close all web browser windows and programs that use Java, such as CallScape before continuing.
This is critical because Java neeeds to not be running for the changes below to take effect.

3.  Go to the Start Menu > Control Panel > open the Java control panel.

4.  Click on the Security tab & then Edit Site List.
Leave the Security Tab set to High (the default).
It does not need to be changed to Medium if you add the sites in step 6.
If you do not have a Security slider or Edit Site List button, uninstall all versions of Java & Java FX & install the latest.

5.  Enter in each URL you want to allow one-at-a-time and then click Add.  Then click OK to save.

For Teleweb, add the following URLs:

6.  Reopen a web browser, retest.
You should see a security message. Click Run.
The audio player should load and play.  If it does not, go to step 8.
7.  If you get the error ClassNotFoundException as shown below or another error, close all web browsers and try again.
Reboot the computer if problems persist.

8.  If you still have problems, check to see if the customer is using a 32-bit or 64-bit version of Windows.
If they're 64-bit, have the customer try using the a 32-bit web browser.
If they must use a 64-bit browser, they will need to go here to install the 64-bit version of Java.