All Partners can manage and customize their accounts via Partner Portal. Partner Public API is an advanced developer tool that allows the Partner to modify service limits predefined by Intermedia.

What can be done via Partner Public API?

In Distributor partner program you can manage partners and accounts via API.
In Private label program you can manage accounts via API.

Swagger is used to describe the API contract and documentation, allowing developers to easily generate the code and try the APIs using any language or platform.

Note: Only contacts with role Private label owner have full access via API. Other contacts have access according to their roles permissions.

API operations



Manage Accounts

Manage partners

Manage account contacts

Manage partner contacts

Manage account limits

Get billing data

Manage billing data


How to start using API

To access the API:

  1. Go to Partner Portal > Integrations > Public API
  2. Select Get access to Partner API
  3. Choose which of your Partner Contacts should have access to the Partner API
  4. Select Send request
  5. You will be contacted and given access to the Partner Public API with all instructions
  6. In the meantime, you can review our API materials:

Partner API authorization and authentication

Intermedia provides RESTful web APIs protected by OAUTH2 token authentication. Read the Knowledge Base article on REST API: Authentication And Authorization for more information.

Manage API clients

Partner account contact should have a client to access the Partner API.

Client is an application making protected resource requests on behalf of the resource owner and with its authorization. The term client does not imply any particular implementation characteristics (e.g., whether the application executes on a server, a desktop, or other devices). One Partner Contact can have one or more API clients.

To manage API clients go to Partner Portal > Integrations > Public API. Only contacts with role Private Label Owners can manage all API clients. Contacts without this role but with the role Private Label Public API can manage their own API clients.

Note: You can do this only if your request for the Partner API has been approved.