Exporting and Importing config files can be used for many reasons including:

  • Swapping like phones between Users
  • Backing up config for firmware update
  • Adding BLF Features
  • Testing a configuration
  • Backing up settings for any reason

To Export or Import first login to the Polycom via its web interface. Default Polycom password is 456 and we do not set a different password. If there is a different password set and the customer does not know it, the phone must be manually factory reset and you will not be able to export or backup a configuration file. Follow the steps in this article for manual factory reset.

  1. Browse to Utilities > Import & Export Configuration

  2. To Export, use All Configuration (except Device Settings)
    1. This will start a download of a .cfg file which can be edited to include the settings for BLF and Call Pickup features.
  3. If needed, the file can then be opened with a text editor like Notepadd++ or Wordpad to add configuration settings and features.

    Remember to save your file!

  4. To Import, use the upload file box
    1. When you are reloading a configuration to either a new device or the same device, always make sure you reenter the SIP password
      1. Settings > Lines > Authentication > Password