This article describes the troubleshooting required when a Polycom phone displays the message "Waiting for network to initialize" and does not progress beyond this message.

LCD Display

Possible Causes

The phone can't get an IP address from the customer's DHCP server (router, server, etc).


Check Ethernet Cable

  • An ethernet cable must be plugged into the correct port on the back of the Polycom phone.

IP 330 2-Line Polycom Phone

IP 550 or IP 650 Polycom Phones

  • The ethernet cable must be plugged into a switch or router that has a network connection to the DHCP server.

Check DHCP Server

  • Make sure the customer has DHCP running in the customer's network.
    • This will require the customer to log into their router or server to ensure DHCP is enabled.
  • Check to make sure the DHCP server has not run out of addresses.
    • Ensure the DHCP server is not set to give out only so many addresses, or only in a certain range that may have filled up.