The list of available reports depends on the Partner program.

This article covers workflow of Reporting tools in the Partner Portal.

In order to ease account management processes, Intermedia provides Partners with following Reporting tools:

General Billing Reports:

Intermedia Unite & PBX Billing Documents:

Business Intelligence Reports

End-user Payment Processing:

General Billing Reports

Exportable Billing History

Use this report to export your billing history into your billing system. Get details on all transactions for any time range, including quantities, as well as both your billing amounts and your customers’ billing amounts where available.

Billing changes from prior month

Use this report to identify changes on both your invoice and your customers’ invoice comparing to the previous month. Can be used to validate or adjust a recurring bill in QuickBooks, E-Automate and other systems.

Intermedia Unite & PBX Billing Documents

Intermedia Unite and PBX Transaction Details

View/download your customer’s monthly Intermedia Unite and Voice Services charges and pass-through invoices.

Customer Explanation of Charges

Directly download Intermedia Unite and Voice Services Explanations of Charges for each customer account.

Business Intelligence Reports

Provisioned Services per Account

Track the number of services provisioned on each customer account and changes that happened in the selected month.

Intermedia Unite Partner Reports

Analyze the details of the Intermedia Unite provisioned services for each customer account.

Created and Deleted Accounts

Track your end-user accounts to understand your growth and churn rates.

Created and Deleted Mailboxes

Track your changes in mailboxes to understand your growth and churn rates.

Partner Number Porting Reports

Track number port requests on each customer account.

End-user Payment Processing

Charges and Revenue per Account

If you use Intermedia’s end-user billing processing, this report tracks your charges against your revenue per account.

Charges and Revenue per Month

If you use Intermedia’s end-user billing processing, this report tracks your monthly charges against your revenue.