This article covers workflow of Reporting tools in Partner Portal control panel.

Reports in PP

In order to ease account management processes, Intermedia provides Partners with following Reporting tools:

Exportable Report

Reports in PP The Exportable Billing Report is designed specifically for partners who choose to perform their own billing and need a file to import into their billing system. It includes every item that is charged to you for your end-user accounts and is available as a CSV download (comma delimited) which can then be changed into an Excel file for ease of use.
To export the file:
1. Enter in the search criteria as appropriate. (If nothing is changed, the prior month’s charges and all accounts will be included.)
2. Select the EXPORT TO CSV button.
3. In the File Download pop-up that appears, we recommend selecting "Save" to save the file to your computer.

Note: The file may take a little time to export. Please be patient and do not select the button more than once.

Created and Deleted Accounts

Track your end-user accounts to understand your growth and churn rates.


Track your services sold to identify your strengths and spot opportunities.

Mailboxes Created And Deleted

Using this report, you can view data regarding mailboxes created and deleted across all of your end-user accounts. To view detail, simply select the appropriate link on the page. You can also select one of the columns to sort by that particular column.
Reports in PP

Monthly Activity Report

Reports in PP

Monthly Activity report provides you with details on services activity per account/total. By clicking on an entry you can find detailed information on transactions for selected services:

Reports in PP

Account Activity Report

Reports in PP Using Account Activity report you can view all activity on your Private Label account on a per customer account basis. You can also drill-down into the detail by selecting an account name. If you click on an account > month > you find detailed infromation on account activity for the selected month, expressed in Units. Please note that Mailboxes is Total Mailboxes for the account. A Package Plan (10, 25, 50, etc) is listed as a separate item. Also, Intermedia does not charge for multiple domains on an account or Mailfilter functionality.

Charges & Revenue Report

If you use our Intermedia's end-user billing processing, this report tracks your charges against your revenue.

Charges & Revenue per account

If you use our Intermedia's end-user billing processing, this report tracks your charges against your revenue on an account basis.

PBX Charges

If you are reselling Hosted PBX and Conference Bridges, then you can use this page to view/download your customer's monthly Voice Services usages and pass-through invoices.
Reports in PP

Explanation of charges

This page allows access to a detailed monthly explanation of voice charges for each customer account.

Explanation of charges