This article explains how you can review the charges that were applied to your Partner account in Partner Portal.


The Balance section displays balance details for your private label account.

  • A positive account balance means that payment is owed to Intermedia.
  • A negative account balance means that services are owed to you.

The monthly payment is calculated as a sum of all the charges for services enabled/provided in the previous month, plus next billing cycle for Intermedia Unite services.

You can view your Partner account balance details in Partner Portal under Balance. This page shows your Partner account balance and history of all transactions.

The balance detail table provides the following information on each transaction:

  • Transaction ID: you can click on the transaction ID to review detailed Partner charges associated with individual subaccount bill
  • Date of the transaction
  • Account information including Company name, User Name and Account ID;
  • Service charges: represents fees and credits to you for services that Intermedia has provided on your behalf to your customers
  • Tax amount
  • Total of Service charges and Tax amount
  • Payments: represents monetary transactions that have occurred between your account and Intermedia
  • Balance
  • Comment: this section describes the reason for the transaction


Billing cycles

In the Comment section of the balance detail table, you will see MR and AL abbreviations.

  • MR monthly charges for all services excluding Voice Services (Exchange bundles, Office 365, Standalone SharePoint, etc).
  • AL indicates charges for Unite

This separation in charges occurs because of differences in billing cycles for Voice Services and Exchange and related services.

Intermedia Unite and Voice Services

The charges include prorated charges for new services added during the current billing period, full charges for the next billing period, as well as associated taxes and fees – posted on the day the account is created (Billing Day of Month).

Exchange and other services

The charges include:

  • prorated charges for new services, as well as associated taxes and fees – posted at the time of service enablement;
  • monthly charges for the services, as well as associated taxes and fees – posted on the 1st of the month the charge is for.