This article is an overview of Intermedia Unite Provisioning Wizard which allows Account Owner to set up newly created accounts: create locations, manage users and assign phone numbers, order devices.

Launch Provisioning Wizard

Log into CONTROL PANEL> navigate to Voice Services > click on Provisioning Wizard


Or navigate to Partner Portal > Quoting Tool > click Action near the quote> select action Provision quote

This action is only available for quotes, created for existing accounts.

NOTE: Provisioning Wizard also launches automatically after the Intermedia Unite module installation.

Quote selection

If there are quotes, associated with this account, then you will see the Quote selection step. Select existing quote or click No quote to setup account from scratch.

Selecting existing quote allows you to:

  • Copy Pricing information from the quote
  • Copy Locations from the quote
  • Pre-fill Shopping cart with the order from the quote


If there are no quotes, related to the account, then you will see the Introduction step. 



Customize pricing for the customer.


Manage locations

To create new location click Add location.

To edit existing location click on location's name. 


Manage Subscriptions

For more information on the Subscription model, please refer to this article.


Order devices

Detailed instructions on ordering new devices 

Note: For each location you need to create separate order even if shipping address is the same. 


Manage phone numbers

On this step you can add new numbers or launch Number Porting wizard to port your existing numbers from your carrier.

Detailed instructions on adding new numbers

Using the Number Porting Wizard 

phone numbers

Manage users

This steps allows you to manage users:

  • Create new users
  • Enable Intermedia Unite
  • Assign location
  • Assign phone numbers
  • Assign extensions

Detailed instructions on managing users 



This step provides details on:

  • number of locations created
  • number of Intermedia Unite users created