When troubleshooting issues with fax/voicemail notifications such as notification failures or notification settings not updating successfully, the issue can be resolved by resetting the notifications using the following method.  This is similar to power cycling a device.

When notification settings do not save properly, the display format will often remain stuck on Attach the voicemail message/fax as a .WAV/.PDF file in the email notification / Do not keep a copy of my voicemail messages in my voicemail box despite saving changes after selecting Keep a copy of my voicemail messages in my voicemail box.


Note: It is important to perform these steps exactly or the reset may not work successfully.

1. Make a note of the email addresses for notifications, display format, and notification types that the customer has configured.

2. Make the following changes to the notification settings

  • Replace the email addresses for notification with your own email address.  Do not simply add your own email address to the list
  • Change the notification Display Format to Email notification with numeric codes only
  • Click Save Changes

reset tu numeric 

3. Navigate to another tab on the left side pane in the teleweb.  (Note: navigating to another sub-tab in the same tab as the notification settings may not work)

4. Navigate back to the notification settings, reconfigure them as the customer desires (or the way they were set up before the reset), and click Save Changes.

5. Confirm that the issue is resolved

  • If troubleshooting notification failures send a test fax.
  • If troubleshooting settings that won't save properly navigate to another tab in the left-side pane and then back to the notification settings to ensure that your settings have saved properly.

6. Be sure to use the Notification Failures or Duplicates Template (TT) located at Notification Failures or Duplicates (TT)