To review the list of your quotes and orders, navigate to Voice Services > Lookup customers. Under Tools, click Manage quotes & orders.

Lookup Customers > Tools > My quotes & orders

On the My Quotes and Orders tab, you can review the list of all your quotes and orders. You can choose to view All, Current, Rejected, Cancelled or Fulfilled quotes and orders. The quotes and orders can be sorted by the Last Change property and the details also include the quote/order ID, Type, Description and Status.

My quotes and orders

On the Search tab, you can search for a specific quote/order by entering the search query into the Search By field. You can use ID, contact name, contact number, company name, or description as the search query.

The results can be filtered by:

  • period - all, one week, one month, three months
  • agent - the account contact
  • status - all, current, rejected, cancelled, fulfilled

Search quotes and orders