Account Objects Export

When exporting account objects you can upload a CSV file you have or create a CSV file according to the template. The final version of your CSV file would not only contain the User Names and email addresses but also all the necessary settings to proceed with data migration. CSV template can be downloaded here. Also you can download CSV template anytime in Onboarding Wizard at Objects Export step:

 Below you will find a brief description of all the fields in CSV template required.

The following values are required:

  • DN - DN, or distinguished name, is one of the most important attributes. It looks like this:
    CN=John Smith,OU=Domain,DC=DM,DC=Org
  • legacyExchangeDN - Legacy distinguished name
  • sourceLogin - The login name to connect to the source mailbox
  • sourcePassword - The password to connect to the source mailbox
  • objectClass - The valid values are user, contact, group for Exchange onboarding
  • displayName - The display name that will be set to the target mailbox
  • proxyAddresses - The list of semicolon delimited e-mail addresses. Prefix SMTP: might be used to specify primary address

The following values are optional:

  • password - The password that will be set to the target mailbox. The value will be copied from the sourcePassword if empty
  • member - Member is the attribute of the Group; the list of DNs of objects who are members of distribution group
  • memberOf - MemberOf is the attribute of an object where all Groups's DNs are listed of which this object is a member
  • title - The mailbox's honorific title e.g. Mr., Miss, Dr. etc
  • telephoneNumber - The mailbox's phone number
  • facsimileTelephoneNumber - The mailbox's fax number
  • mobile - The mailbox's mobile phone number
  • homephone - The mailbox's home phone number
  • givenName - The mailbox's first name
  • company - The mailbox's company name
  • co - The mailbox's country or region
  • c - The mailbox's Country Abbreviation
  • physicalDeliveryOfficeName - The mailbox's Office Location
  • postalCode - The mailbox's ZIP/Postal Code
  • sn - The mailbox's last name
  • st - The mailbox's State/Province
  • streetAddress - The mailbox's Street Address
  • WWWHomePage - The mailbox's Web Page Address
  • description - The mailbox's Description
  • l - The mailbox's City
  • initials - The mailbox's Initials
  • info - The mailbox's Notes
  • pager - The mailbox's Pager Number
  • department - The mailbox's Department
  • postOfficeBox - The mailbox's Post Office Box