This article describes the process of creating the end-user account.

To create an account in Partner Portal follow these steps:

  1. Log in to the Partner Portal and click on Create New Account in the left pane menu.
  2. On the Setup Account step, specify the account access information and click on Next.
    Create Account
    I already have an account: check this option to specify the customers email address and the rest of the information will be copied automatically.
  3. Choose the plan and click on Next.
  4. On the Set Up Billing step fill in your company information and billing details and click on Next.
    • Billing Address is the same as Company Address: if Billing Address for the Company id different, please add that information.
    • Disable automatic address verification: provided adderess details will be automatically verified to prevent any transaction issues.
      Note: if you skip address validation, the account will be created, but will not be activated until you contact Customer Service to verify the address. To create an account immediately, please enter the correct address above.
    • If automatic address verification is not disabled, and the address was modified, you will see the following:
    • If the address could not be corrected, you will get the following error:
  5. Make sure you have chosen the correct plan and click on Activate Account.
  6. The 'Getting Started' email with instructions was sent to the email you specified earlier.
    If you have existing users on the 3rd party account or on the in-house Exchange server, click on the link Start Onboarding to start the migration process.
  7. Now if you go to Active Accounts in the left pane menu, you will see the new sub-account listed.