This article describes how partner can delete the account listed in his Partner Portal. 

To start managing end-user's accounts login to Partner Portal. Open Customer Accounts Active Accounts.

Find the account you would like to delete and click Info button next to it's name. 
Active Accounts

Scroll down the Info page and click on Delete Account.

You will be asked for the reason of deletion. On this page you may choose the action: Purge Account or Delete Account
Reason for leaving

  • If you delete account, you can restore it during 25 days. The mailboxes will be deleted, all services will be disabled. Domain name will remain in our system. 
    You may find the deleted account in Customer Account > Deleted Accounts.
    find deleted accounts
    When on the page for deleted account details, you can Undelete Account or Purge the account.
  • If you purge account, it will be unrecoverable. All mailbox data will be deleted from our servers, no information of objects will remain in our system.